After 8 (Loose Leaf)

Zero Sugar Tisane / Fruit Infusion

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Satiate that sweet tooth, guilt-free! Enjoy this fruity infusion with notes of Spearmint, Apple and Fennel around the clock. The goodness of fruits with a sweet, minty aftertaste. This caffeine-free tisane is also a natural stress reliever and digestive that will help you chill and unwind.

This blend can be enjoyed as loose leaf or in our biodegradable, non-plastic Teabags to suit your convenience.

Net Wt. – 100 grams



Have some fun without worrying about the consequences. After 8 is a fruit infusion, packed with locally sourced and in-house dehydrated fruits that pack a punch with natural sugars and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. A perfect blend after a meal as a dessert alternative!

Combine After 8 with your favourite playlist to kick back and unwind. Let the bold flavours of mint and fennel meet the natural sweetness of apples and oranges, along with the subtle taste of ginger.

Give yourself a daily Vitamin boost with Apple and Orange. Layer it with Ginger and Fennel that act as natural stress relievers and digestives. It contains zero caffeine or added sugar. Ausum Tea blends are handcrafted in small batches. Let nature nurture you.

Proudly Made in India

FSSAI Lic no. 11220334000031




Organic Ginger

Organic Spearmint


Blend Type

Infusions or Tisanes (pronounced as Tee-Zahn) are beverages made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, fruits and other plant material in water.

When can you drink herbal teas, you may ask? Since tisanes do not contain tea leaves, they are caffeine-free and can be consumed at any time of the day. The best part of herbal teas is that they are close to zero-calorie so you can drink as many as you like in a day - guilt-free!


After 8 has been handcrafted for you to Chill and Unwind. This makes for a perfect post meal sweet indulgence. Let the traffic pass by you while you levitate to that happy place. Enjoy daily to seek a little mindfulness amidst all of the buzz.

Why choose me

✓ Satiate sweet cravings without the extra calories
✓ Keep your tummy happy at all times
✓ Stay stress free with this chill blend
✓ Drink me hot or cold
✓ Make yummy cocktails or mocktails


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