Organic Masala Chai (Loose Leaf)

Organic Black Tea Blend

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Our beloved Masala Chai with an organic, whole-leaf twist! Give the usual CTC black tea a break and fall in love with the whole leaf, organic Assam Black tea with hand pounded spices for that unique taste.

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Get your daily chai fix with this unique, orthodox, whole-leaf Assam blend.

This is handcrafted from the leaves sourced from Assam’s small organic farms in far-flung places where small growers cultivate their tea with no pesticides. They also believe in a traditional tea-making process that skip the shortcuts of time. Their flavour complexity and delicate make is the reason why the Orthodox teas are highly priced in the world tea market. Experience a more refined taste of Organic Assam Black tea in this blend, handcrafted the original way before machine production began. The smooth, bold flavours of spices bring you all the goodness of organic black tea. Watch the leaves unfurl and give you a mellow and textured flavour(less of the “kadak” and more of the real flavours) with Ginger and hand-pounded spice mix of Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper and Cardamom. Grab a cup every day for your daily dose of caffeine, antioxidants and just for the pure magic of Masala Chai. Ausum blends are handcrafted in small batches with zero sugar and sweeteners and no preservatives.

Proudly Made in India.
FSSAI Lic no. 11220334000031




Organic Ginger




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Black tea is a highly oxidised tea which gives it a full-bodied, flavourful experience. Our beloved Chai is made from CTC (Crush Tear Curl) grade black tea- a name given to it by the production process. This grade of tea is consumed in our kitchens and offices and is most widely available in supermarkets. Orthodox Tea is whole leaf leaves preserved as they are and these unfold in your teacup. Only the top quality leaves are used and carefully handcrafted using traditional methods to produce high-quality black tea unlike the machine produced, mass-market CTC black tea. Fewer breakages of the Orthodox tea allows all the virtues of the black tea to steep into your cup.


Organic Masala Chai will be the perfect cuppa to get you up and about. It kickstarts your brain activity, and boosts metabolism, giving you the perfect magic potion to move into high gear.

Why choose me

✓ Aids in digestion
✓ Boosts metabolism
✓ Stimulates brain activity
✓ Fights infection
✓ Acts as a digestive


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