RELAX Cold Brew (4 bottles)

Cold Brewed Tea

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Release your daily stress and keep those mindful moments close by. This Organic Hibiscus and Spearmint cold brew is a great stress buster that lowers your blood pressure and great for hormonal balance. Just 6 calories in every bottle.

No sugar |Keto Friendly | Vegan | No extracts | No Caffeine

Net Quantity- 1200 ml (Pack of 4 bottles)
(Net quantity of 300 ml each)



Stress is, unfortunately, part of our daily lives now but not to worry, help it at hand. With our Relax drink, you can feel the stress lines fade away so you can enjoy life’s wonderful moments. Consume any time of the day with zero caffeine and minimal calories.

Rich in Vitamin C, it is great for anytime consumption. Hibiscus helps to lower blood pressure while boosting heart health. Blended with cooling, hormone balancing spearmint, you ll step into an auto relax mode. This drink is great for women’s health and helps in managing PCOS and PCOD. A bright and magically uplifting herbal tea, it has been brewed to perfection for you to drink anytime and anywhere. Handcrafted in small batches for your sipping pleasure. A real dash of awesome in every sip!

Ingredients: Organic Hibiscus, Organic Spearmint, Stevia, Citric Acid, Contains Class II preservative

Proudly Made In India.


Organic Hibiscus

Organic Spearmint

Stevia Leaf extract

Blend Type

Ausum Tea Cold Brews are handcrafted cold brewed blends, that help you detox and rejuvenate, from the inside! Cold Brews are named after the way they are made. The ingredients in each of these blends are allowed to steep for some time in water for the flavours to infuse. Compared to commercial iced teas which are brewed hot, with extracts and loaded with sugar to combat the bitterness of tea leaves, these blends are brewed cold, and hence do not require any sugar to mask any other taste. They contain the natural sweetness of Stevia - a plant that has been used as a natural sweetener for generations in different cultures around the world. In all, this assortment bursts of flavours and boasts of health benefits, all by keeping a track on your calorie count!

Why choose me

✓ Stress buster
✓ Rich in Vitamin C
✓ Good for women’s health (PCOS and PCOD)

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