Spanish Sangria

Fruit Infusion

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Sip sip, hooray! Our tribute to the cocktail, it contains leading notes of Hibiscus, Strawberry and Orange, and no caffeine. Get a Vitamin boost with Strawberry, Apple and Orange while indulging in a low-calorie dessert infusion.

Net Quantity- 15 Teabags
(Net Wt - 60 grams | Each Teabag contains 4 grams)



We’re talking about Wellness and Positivity with Spanish Sangria. Just picture yourself with a glass of wine, and experience that same happy feeling - except, with only health positives and no more. Let’s get a little tipsy with this super fun and delicious tisane or fruit infusion. Spanish Sangria is our little tribute to this popular cocktail that originally hails from Spain. No, it doesn’t contain any wine either, despite the name, but that doesn’t stop you from infusing it with alcohol! Hic!

Soothe your senses and levitate to the next sphere with this preservative-free, zero caffeine fruit kick that packs one hell of a punch. Steeps a deep red and comes packed with the sweet goodness of strawberry, acidic notes of hibiscus and orange rounded off with the sweet aftertaste of liquorice. Cheer yourself on and give your senses a treat with this flavourful, happy brew. It can help bring back the spring in your step in the middle of a stressful day. Enjoy this cup of joy every day for that extra big smile on your face!

Hibiscus - a natural fighter against allergies helps keep your sneezes at bay. Soothe your throat with Licorice root - a natural expectorant. And when all these benefits come in a glass that tastes like Sangria, what more could we ask for! It’s no surprise that this is one of our bestsellers. Ausum's blends are handcrafted in small batches with zero sugar and sweeteners and no preservatives.

Proudly Made in India.
FSSAI Lic no. 11220334000031



Organic Hibiscus




Sea Buckthorn


Teabag with a Tale

Ausum Tea’s teabags are fully biodegradable. They are crafted using 100% non-plastic corn starch. Unlike nylon or paper teabags, no microplastics will steep into your tea. The bag itself decomposes within 3-6 months and returns to nature, without a trace.

Our teabags are handcrafted by enterprising women who are striving to have a better livelihood by upskilling themselves. Each teabag is a tale of the person who has had a role to play in bringing a dash of Ausum to your cup.

Blend Type

Herbal teas or infusions are beverages made from the blend of herbs, spices, fruits, or other plant material. Packed with micro-nutrients, herbal teas are a great way to compensate for lifestyle choices to provide the necessary balance. When can you drink herbal teas, you may ask? Since tisanes do not contain tea leaves, they are caffeine-free and can be consumed at any time of the day. And about how much herbal tea you drink - Herbal teas have no caffeine in them and our blends are close to zero-calorie, so drink as many as you like, guilt-free!


Spanish Sangria has been handcrafted for you to get that healthy dose of wellness and positivity. Treat yourself to this flavour-rich brew daily. Cheers to happy days!

Why choose me

✓ Great as a sweet sipping beverage
✓ Serve hot or steep cold
✓ Makes for a great cocktail or mocktail
✓ Lowers blood pressure
✓ Soothes your throat
✓ Calmative and destress agent

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